Saturday, November 23, 2013

Country Legends Coming to Town!

Its quite possible that many of you have enjoyed country music, and perhaps have even desired to meet the legends who have sung the music you love!
Sadly many of those legendary musicians are no longer touring, or have passed on, but there is a way that you can relive that great music... through the excellent show "Legends of Country Music" starring Larry King and the Legendary Band.

The Legends of Country Music entertains to sold out audiences throughout the country. Even though there's been new songs or artists added to the show, the basic format remains the same. The show highlights not just one or two entertainers, as most tribute shows do, but over 20, making the Legends of Country Music the largest country tribute show touring today! The audience members are informed with little known facts about the songs or artist in an entertaining way.

The best performers and musicians west of Nashville sing only the most recognizable #1 hits, nearly 40 in all. Each show member takes great pride in performing the songs as close to the original as possible, just the way you remember them. The Legends highlighted are never impersonated, only the highest respect is paid to each one. While attending the show, a true country music fan relives memories of the past, yet others appreciate the talent on stage and the fast pace of the show, all while making new memories.

The Legends will be performing throughout Arizona, at fine theatres and Performing Arts Centers throughout the Metro Phoenix area (Mesa, Chandler, Higley, Peoria to name a few), Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Yuma.

Their first performance will occur at the recently renovated, and beautiful Palms Theater in Mesa. (Formerly Broadway Palms) Tickets are still available for  the Dec 3, 2013, 7pm Show. Starting at only $20, its priced for all your family and friends to attend.

Tickets for most shows can be purchased through East-West Global Tours, who are proud sponsors of the Legends of Country Music!

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